Urban Grind menu



Vegan sourdough croissant£1.10
Chocolate croissant£1.10
Almond croissant£1.10
Muesli, yogurt and fruit of the forest £1.40
Fruit salad2.75
Egg & tomato baguette£1.50
Flat mushroom & egg mayonnaise baguette£1.6


Soup of the day£1.80£2.40

Lunch Sandwiches

Vegan cream cheese & roasted red pepper seed roll£3.10
Vegan mozzarella, basil, tomato & avocado beetroot roll
Red leicester, onion relish salad, onion baguette
Carrot, houmus & watercress baguette£2.85
Tuna and spring onions sandwich£3.50
Coronation Chicken£3.50
Pulled Chicken, bacon and spinach£2.85

Lunch Boxed Salads

Duck Salad£4.30
Tomato, avocado salad£4.60
Crispy Beef salad£4.60
Turmeric roasted cauliflower salad£3.85

Lunch Savouries Snack

Daily pizzetta£1.25
Vegan mushroom roll£1.25
Butternut squash and chive tart£1.65
Broccoli and wild mushroom tart£1.95