Urban Grind menu

Item Price


Vegan sourdough croissant£1.10
Vegan sourdough apricot croissant£1.00
Pain aux chocolat£1.70
Almond Croissant£1.10
Vegan cheese & tomato baguette£1.55
Egg & tomato baguette£1.20
Yoghurt, granola and berry compote£1.05
Fruit salad2.20
Fresh fruit pot£2.00

Lunch Sandwiches

Vegan cream cheese, roasted peppers and rocket£2.95
Vegan chicken, mustard mayo and watercress
Red Leicester, onion relish and salad
Vegan mozzarella, basil, tomato & avocado£3.75
Carrot, hommous & rocket£2.75

Lunch Boxed Salads

Spiced lentils and chickpeas salad with halloumi£4.95
Vegan coronation tofu salad£4.25
Vegan feta, baby kale and beet fattoush£4.95
Turmeric roasted cauliflower salad£4.25


Vegetarian pizza slice£1.2
Vegan mushroom roll£1.20
Butternut squash and chive tartlet

Daily Pod menu

Item Price

Daily cakes

Cake 1£2.00
Cake 2£2.00