Espresso Pod menu

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Plain croissant£1.10
Chocolate croissant£1.45
Pain aux chocolat£1.45
Almond Croissant£1.50
Home-made muffins£1.35
Fruit Danish£1.50
Pain aux Raisins£1.30
Ham & cheese croissant£1.70
Cheese Croissant£1.60
Egg & sun blushed tomato croissant£2.20
Egg & bacon croissant£2.50
Salmon & egg multi-grain croissant£3.00
Fresh fruit pot£2.00
Granola yoghurt£1.70

Lunch Sandwiches

Coronation chicken bloomer£3.25
Houmous, grated carrots, rocket & chives bloomer
Tuna , cucumber & rocket with creme fraiche bloomer
Cheddar cheese & pickle in seeded baguette£3.10
Avocado, mozzarella, tomato & pea shoot in chia seed baguette£3.60
Roast chicken with pesto, feta & olives in ciabatta £3.60

Lunch Boxed Salads

Asian Style Chicken£4.20
Salmon Salad£4.20
Goat`s cheese Salad£4.20
Tomato & Mozzarella£4.20

Salad Pots

Spelt & chicken salad pot£2.20
Beetroot & feta cheese pot
Boiled egg & spinach pot

Daily Pod menu

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Daily cakes

Cake 1£2.00
Cake 2£2.00